Free Solar... It’s True!


Our family just went solar for free.  Seriously.  How is this possible?  There are a number of companies offering long term solar leases (e.g. Sungevity, Solar City, Real Goods Solar); the company pays for, installs, maintains, and owns solar panels placed on your roof, after which you agree to buy back the power coming off those panels.  We chose Sungevity because they had the best deal, the best refer-a-friend bonuses, and the best customer service.  In our case here are the numbers:

  1. $0 = upfront cost

  2. 36 = number of panels placed on our roof

  3. 79% = percent of our monthly electrical usage covered by the solar panels

  4. $0 = difference from our old bill (100% Xcel) to the new bills (79% solar + 21% Xcel) 

  5. 0% = amount our solar lease will increases yearly (Xcel rates just went up 5.9% in 2012)

Interested in more information on how you too can go solar for free?  We did an extensive analysis on the options for our house, shown in All The Details page, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have, just email me:  We are also keeping track of friends and family who also got solar on the Installations page, and would be happy to add you to the list!

Blessings to Your Family,

Dane N.

Arvada, Colorado

Solar Leases Make Going Solar Easy (and Cheap!)

Ready to get started with your free quote from Sungevity? First get your last 12 months’ electricity usage, then call Sungevity (Scott) at (510) 496-8916 and tell him that Dane sent you (code 135268) to get your $500 referral cash card when your panels are installed!